Knight Of Pentacles: The Handy Man (Or Woman)!

Knight Pents

My 16 yo daughter wanted some new shelves for her room. Instead of whining about it and hassling me to go shopping she…

(a) Researched shelves on the internet

(b) Located the product she was interested in

(c) Organised for me to take her shopping at a time convenient for us both

(d) Located the product immediately on the store’s customer computer system

(e) Lifted the items, which were quite heavy, off the shelves and later into the car without being asked

(f) Put them together herself without any assistance from moi. The boyfriend and the Allen key were all she required.

She’s a girl who gets things done with a minimum of fuss. Can’t wait to see what she achieves once she finishes high school. (Before you think I have it too cruisy her sister is the dead opposite. Makes a large fuss about the smallest things. Sometimes about nothing at all. Although thankfully she seems to be growing out of this tendency. Slowly, very very slowly.)

As my youngest was hauling her prize into the car at IKEA today she put me in mind of the Knight Of Pentacles. Action man! Or in her case, action woman! He is a man – or woman – who gets things done. The Knight Of Wands loves to start projects, the Knight Of Swords likes to plan them, the Knight Of Cups cares a great deal but it’s the Knight Of Pentacles who finishes them. He’s a handy man to have around. Not so much the lurver but great husband material.

Are you lucky enough to have someone in your life who’s a Knight Of Pentacles?

6 thoughts on “Knight Of Pentacles: The Handy Man (Or Woman)!

  1. Very interesting take on the KoP. Counter intuitive to me, since it’s the most sedentary card. 2 knights obviously moving, the Cups suggests motion with a leg up…Pentacles stands still. I like your analysis of a project using the suits, and see where you came from. In thinking about how this card has appeared for me and in reading other people, that person generally is a hard worker that gets things done…however, the lack of motion has signified a lack of acknowledgement. Thanks for the post, gives me something to ponder as I learn the court card personalities, and has added a new dimension to this card for me.

  2. All good points lll (can I call you that, lol). You’ve made me stop and think. I know I’m gonna completely miss the mark at times. And I want you to pull me up when I do. Here’s the thing for me about this card. Yup, the Knight of Pentacles is the only knight not moving but that’s because he’s the only one that’s finished. His field is ploughed. He’s having a smoko while he works out what he does next. Meanwhile the Knight of Wands is galloping around making a big rumpus on his horse because it makes him feel like a cool dude, the Knight of Cups is writing sonnets to his beloved in his head while he works up the courage to propose and the Knight Of Cups keeps dashing off in different directions as he keeps changing his mind about what he wants to achieve. I’m being facetious of course but the point is that while the Knight Of Pentacles is the plodder of the group I see him as being more purposeful. He doesn’t get caught up in his own bullshit. Like the tortoise he might not have any spectacular moves but he just keeps chipping away at the job and ends up being the one to cross the finish line first. Of course, I could be wrong. Cheers!

  3. P.S. I forgot to mention that I don’t like the shelves my daughter chose. They look impractical. But she refused to listen to my concerns. That’s the downside of the Knight Of Pentacles. He can be a stubborn pig-headed ass. He gets the job finished alright but his work can be pretty ordinary at times.

  4. Still thinking about this post…Maybe the Knight Of Pentacles isn’t so much Action Man (that’s more wands territory) as Achievement Man or Gets Things Done Man. What do ya reckon?

  5. Definitely didn’t mean to imply you missed the mark, sorry. I liked the post and appreciated the insight, and a different point of view. I think both your perspective and mine fit your daughter’s situation, especially if your daughter was feeling like she didn’t get the praise she wanted or deserved for doing this job on her own. I can definitely see a stubbornness in this card. What keeps coming to mind for me now (not necessarily your daughter’s situation, but I’ve continued to ponder this card and our conversation) is the Horse from Animal Farm. Not a positive association, but apt in some situations. I guess I never realized how negative my perspective on this card is, but your comments are helping me expand that narrow view. Achievement Man makes sense. Perhaps in a negative (reversal) could mean Rest On His Laurels Man as well. I think it would depend on the cards around him. The Court Cards are funny multifaceted beasts! I’ve been really trying to work with them lately as they can be baffling in readings for me. I’ve been using MKGreer’s book Understanding the Tarot Court.

  6. No need to apologise. Am loving the conversation. It’s been years since I’ve read Animal Farm. Might have to revisit it. Like the Rest On His Laurels idea for this card reversed. I agree re court cards. That’s why I’ve left them till last to tackle. But look how much fun we’re having with them now that I have!

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