Judgement: The Need For Group Think (Or Why You Should Definitely Pull Me Up If I’ve Missed The Mark)


I must have mentioned the Judgement card a lot on this blog because it’s one of the tags that stands out on my home page. And this post is only gonna make it stand out some more. Funny that I’ve written so much about a card that took me a long time to understand. Hmmm, this could be the Judgey McJudgerson side of my personality shining through. I do have a loooot of opinions about things. Anyhoo, back to my post…

I am loving the conversation that’s starting to happen on this blog. It helps me and everyone else refine their understanding of the cards. I’m a big believer in the necessity of group think. I don’t think anyone can work out everything on their own. And have seen how dangerous it is when you believe that you can.

I work with a very smart man who has had lots of brilliant ideas and done many wonderful things. But unfortunately when you are really really smart it’s easy to think that you’re right about everything. You stop listening. And as a result a lot of damage can be done. Because no one is right ALL the time. I think of this personality type as the King Of Swords Reversed. Mr Know-It-All. Cough. Possibly exhibited this trait a tad myself when I was younger.

Of course group think has its dangers too. Elements of the media use this power for evil. To persuade readers/viewers to see situations in a particular light. To vote a certain way. To shut down discussion on issues. But ultimately I believe that with enough information and time to process (and good leadership) the group will get it right.

We need to listen to one another in order to get to the heart of things.

Tarot says as much too in the Judgement card. In the picture judgment is not taking place with one person alone but in the company of others.

Are you a fan of group think or do you prefer to tread a solo path?

P.S. Speaking of group think…If you would like to submit a post for this blog you can contact me at thetarotteaclub@bigpond.com. Cheers, tan

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