Temperance: Tweaking Your Presence Online


So. I entered the wonderful world of blogging about six months ago. Knowing nothing. I’m not one of the younger generation brought up with the world at their fingertips. But google was my friend.

I started out on Blogger, the blog host site run by google, and spent a few months there getting very little attention. You have to wait for others to stumble across your posts on Blogger and as I seemed to be surrounded by American Christian families I didn’t think much of my chances of gathering a following there.

After doing a bit more research I decided to change to WordPress. Also free, which I loooove, but as well it came recommended by a few other writers. One of the great things is that it’s easy to follow other people’s blogs on WordPress.

Then I set up my Facebook page which was quite a headache. I couldn’t work out whether to be a group or a page and got banned for a couple of weeks because I kept changing my mind. Finally I settled on the latter (obviously!)

I connected both sites to Twitter because apparently that’s what you’re supposed to do but have ignored the siren call of Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and other forums I don’t fully understand. I’m also still getting my head around SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that is used for driving traffic to one’s blog.

Now I feel ready to tweak my online presence a little bit more. I’m thinking I’m gonna keep my blog posts for reflection on the cards and Tarot in general. Whereas I’m gonna use my Facebook page to post Youtube and other clips that take my fancy with the appropriate Tarot card label attached. I’m hoping to post more clips in general.

I’m not really a Twitterer. Some people are great with the one liners but that’s not my schtick. I’m more the deep and meaningful type, boring as that may be. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to use Twitter better but that time ain’t come yet.

I’ve decided not to panic if I miss a post one day. I’ll just do what I did last week, catch up when I can, with the aim being to have an average of one post a day on my blog and another one on Facebook. Maybe more on Facebook if I can find the material.

I’m vaguely considering splitting the word ‘Teaclub’ in my heading into two but probably won’t (as a keyword optimisation strategy – don’t ask!) I might also take the tag words off the front page. They’re just confusing. Clearly I’ve discussed the Six Of Cups and Judgement way too much and others not nearly enough. Like everyone I have my bias’s when it comes to the cards. (Psst! That’s why it always good to get your Tarot information from a variety of sources.)

Having a blog requires constant fine adjustments like these to enable you to connect with your audience. I guess any conversation does. It’s about listening to your audience and responding to their suggestions. The card that rules rejigging, refining, remixing – pretty much any word that begins with ‘re’ – is Temperance.

Do you write a blog? What kind of tweaking have you done lately to help you connect with your audience?

2 thoughts on “Temperance: Tweaking Your Presence Online

  1. I dont get Twitter at all so haven’t gone there, but as my blog is picture based I have attempted to bond with Pinterest – it’s my newest tweak so we’ll see how it goes. I haven’t gone with Facebook yet, as I’m not sure I have the time to be able to post in two places with different material – maybe next month. It’s always good to fine tune your page, because without growth and change we get left behind.

    • I used to think Twitter was for Twits as the name implied but I follow a couple of writers and they mostly post links and comments on issues that are informative so its worthwhile. And I get how you would be into Pinterest as a photo based blog. I don’t think we should engage on every platform for the sake of it. That just seems stupid. Overkill and misleading. Besides, it’s important to have a life in the offline world as well.

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