Justice vs Temperance: Weighing Your Options vs Finding Balance

For a long time I struggled to understand the difference between the cards of Justice and Temperance. The former has a picture of scales whilst the latter is about finding balance.  The themes seem same same. But there is a difference. For what it’s worth here’s my take on the subject.


Justice: In this card something is being weighed up. An opinion on an issue. A case in court. The question of what you’ll have for dinner tonight. Of whether your life has been a good one or not. Ultimately the scales will come down on one side or the other.


Temperance: In this card things are being merged. Adjustments made on either side. You don’t push yourself so hard on the squash court so you won’t have a heart attack and can keep enjoying your weekly game as you get older. You get a little help in the facial department to keep looking good in middle age (hello Botox!) If you’re a mum, it’s when you get a part-time job or take up a new hobby to fill up the empty space in the day when your last child starts school. You have a baby and must adjust your routines accordingly, even if you insisted pre-child your life was NOT going to change (ha ha ha ha ha!)

With Justice one option triumphs. With Temperance aspects of both options are included in the outcome.

Does that make sense? Can you think of any other examples to highlight the difference between these two cards.

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