The Storyteller’s Tarot

StorytellerYou’ve probably worked out by now that I’m waay more interested in Tarot cards for the stories they tell than their psychic powers. I feel like we focus too much on the latter at the expense of the former. Tarot is an incredibly beautiful and profound gift from some unknown group of ancestors. Full of wisdom and wit like my literary hero Shakespeare.

I’m not talking here about using Tarot cards to write stories. I’ve seen that idea floated in a few places. It’s a good one mind you. Picking some Tarot cards at random and making a story out of them is a great way to break writer’s block. There’s also a few novels floating around that use Tarot cards as characters in the story or chapter headings. Heck, I’m writing one myself. But that is just a sideshow of the Storyteller’s Tarot.

What really interests me are the stories written IN the cards themselves. Digging them out. Turning them around in my hand. Like diamonds each one has many sides and each side shines light on the great human adventure. For me, Tarot has a bigger purpose than mere fortune-telling (Not that there’s anything wrong that, as Jerry and George kept repeating when mistaken for a closeted gay couple in a classic Seinfeld episode.)

How do you use your Tarot cards?

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