Sunday Spotlight: Six Of Pentacles – Giving And Receiving

6 Pents

Six Of Pentacles: A man gives money to one beggar while another goes wanting. He holds a scale in his other hand.

Sunday Spotlight is where I focus on a Tarot card I haven’t written much about on this blog. One of the reasons I’ve overlooked the Six Of Pentacles is because I’ve not been clear on how it differs to this card…

The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune: Experiencing ups and downs, gifts and losses, out of your control.

One of the differences I guess is that the Six Of Pentacles is personal. It’s about someone giving and someone receiving. This suggests good fortune due to someone in particular being generous rather than just the luck of the draw going your way. The action is purposeful rather than accidental.

A detail I have overlooked until now is the scales in the gift-givers hands.

Maybe the giver is redressing a balance, spreading his own good fortune around.

Or maybe a weighing up has taken place in order to decide who the recipient of the gift will be. The two beggars whilst both being equally needy may not be seen as equally deserving. For example: One charity is seen as more worthy of receiving your donation than another. One child more needing of your help. One shop more worthy of your custom. One book more worthy of your respect.  The gift has not been given randomly but only after consideration.

I never realised this possibility about the Six Of Pentacles until I wrote this post. Which just goes to prove the old adage that you learn as much being a teacher as being a student. Maybe more.

What does the Six Of Pentacles mean to you?

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