Wheel Of Fortune: The Ups And Downs Of Blogging

The Wheel Of Fortune

This blog had a record high number of hits the other day. And I hadn’t even posted anything. A grand total of 169 views. Whoo-hoo! A small step for mankind but a big step for me. (I believe in celebrating the little victories.) What entertains me no end about blogging is that success is so random. You never know when a post is going to hit home or fall lamely by the wayside. You just throw your words out into the world and see what sticks. I often get big hits and new subscribers when I’m not writing at all, which is hilarious. There’s no rhyme or reason, it just seems to be luck of the draw. The internet algorithms finding the right person on the right day at the right time.

Do you blog or have a Facebook page? How easy/hard has it been for you?

Saturday Night Fight Club: The Wheel Of Fortune Vs The Tower

The Wheel Of Fortune versus The Tower:

Both cards involve a change in your personal circumstances.

Change a la` the Wheel Of Fortune tends to be cyclic. You have good times, you have bad times.

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The Comfort Offered By The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of FortuneI haven’t written much about the Wheel Of Fortune. It’s one of those cards that seems blindingly obvious as it represents the ups and downs of life. You win Tattslotto, you get fired. You miss out on buying the house of your dreams, a better one comes up. Your child crashes the car, your child aces his exams. You get the good and the bad in life. No one is immune from disaster or unblessed in some way.

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Sunday Spotlight: Six Of Pentacles – Giving And Receiving

6 Pents

Six Of Pentacles: A man gives money to one beggar while another goes wanting. He holds a scale in his other hand.

Sunday Spotlight is where I focus on a Tarot card I haven’t written much about on this blog. One of the reasons I’ve overlooked the Six Of Pentacles is because I’ve not been clear on how it differs to this card… Continue reading

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Yin And Yang Of Life

The Wheel Of Fortune

…and I’m back. I said the 15th of April right? I like to be true to my word, as close as I can be anyways. I was a bit scared after my long absence that when I got back nobody would be here – is that a girl thing? – but I couldn’t be more delighted to see that is not the case.

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