The Devil: Being A (Happy) Slave To Your Children

The Devil

As I was driving my eldest here, there and everywhere this weekend an interesting thought occurred to me: That as annoying as it is to be called upon to be a taxi driver I should savour these moments. A thought that would never have occurred to me until recently.

There is a strong possibility that before the year is out both my children will no longer require my services as a mum. Not so much anyway. My eldest has already semi-flown the coop. She is living an hour away on campus at the university where she started studying a month or so ago. As she is recovering from an illness she still needs a bit of support. She can’t drive yet. Hence the many car trips last weekend. But she’s on the mend. Yesterday she said she’d like to start preparing to sit for her driver’s license again. By the end of the year I expect she’ll be on the road. Meanwhile my youngest is in her final year of high school and is planning to study interstate next year.

So I could be an empty nester sooner rather than later.

As I have explained before The Devil is my Tarot-card-of-the-year. One of my slogans for this card is ‘Be careful what you wish for!’ All I ever wanted was for my kids to grow up and become independent, and darn it, looks like they might go ahead and do just that.

So I have decided to savour every moment with my girls for the time being. Every car trip. Every request to run to the shops at ten o’clock at night to buy some forgotten thing. Every opportunity for conversation or to watch them participate in a treasured activity.

If you look closely at The Devil card you can see that the man and woman chained at his feet are not tightly held. They are free to go whenever they wish but they choose to stay. Likewise I am choosing to serve my children in whatever way I can this year. Maybe this is one of the positive expressions of The Devil card.

What do you think?

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