The High Priestess And The Need To Dream!

I’ve been having trouble feeling motivated to write posts lately. Racking my brain and coming up short of ideas. Partly it’s because I’m a Gemini with a low attention span but that’s not the main reason. The problem was made abundantly clear on the weekend when suddenly the ideas began to flow in those long car drives with my daughter.

I need time to process my thoughts. I need to nurture my ideas, meditate on them, before I can put them into words. It’s part of my writing process.

This puts me in mind of this card:

The High Priestess

The High Priestess: A woman sits on a throne before a curtain which marks the entrance to a body of water. The water represents our deep unconscious, mysteries hard for the human mind to grasp. The High Priestess is a guide who helps us access our subconscious thoughts and beliefs. She’s the writer’s friend, any artist really.

See how still she sits? Well that’s how still you need to be to get in touch with that part of yourself. Because I’ve been busy getting on top of my day job for the last few weeks and renovating etc etc etc I haven’t been opening up a big enough space in my day to allow her to speak. Haven’t given myself the opportunity to meditate on what I wish to say on this blog.

The High Priestess reminds us that we need to allow time in our lives to dream in order to manifest the things we desire.

Are you open to your inner voice or does it get blocked out in the rush of your day?

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