The Chariot Reversed: Reining In The Horses

Subsequent to my last post in which I explained I was finding it difficult to write every day I’ve decided to change the timing of posts on this blog aka this card:

The Chariot R

The Chariot Reversed: Reining in the horses

From now on I’m going to write according to this principle:

The Magician

The Magician: When I feel inspired

At the moment I am just too much of this:

Knight Of Wands + Eight Of Pentacles: Finding it hard to process anything but day job related stuff. I’ve found my mojo in my new job as a 3/4 teacher and now that I know what to do I just can’t stop working. Bit sad really but there it is.

So my posts will be timed like this:

The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune: Who knows? It’ll be a surprise to both of us.

I’m sure I’ve been clogging up your mailboxes as it is. I’ve been very much this since I set up this blog:

Knight Wands

Knight Of Wands: Gung ho (Can you see a theme developing here? Hmmmm…)

But then again, there might be times when I still write everyday. I just want to make sure I do this:

7 Pents

Seven Of Pentacles: Get my priorities right. I want to make sure I’m good at teaching the students in my care before anything else (except the needs of my own family of course). It’s just how I am.

Cheers, tan.

PS For those interested in the links between Tarot and astrology I’ve shared a brilliant post on my Facebook page about the connection between reversed Tarot cards and retrograde planets written by someone new I’ve discovered.

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