Ten Of Wands: Adulthood

10 Wands

My eldest daughter started uni a couple of months back and she is not waving drowning right now, swimming in work assignments. She can hardly keep up. The part-time job she had has gone out the window. Attending lectures is a rare treat. Most of the time she’s just plain bunkered down in her dorm room working through task after task.

And it strikes me that this is what it is to become an adult in the modern era: To be completely overloaded with work.

It’s our own fault of course. We have such high expectations these days. We want it all: the great job, the high salary, the fancy lifestyle. My gen-Y daughter has been fed a life-long diet of these messages so she’s set the bar high for herself. And the price is non-stop toil.

The Ten Of Wands card is about feeling over-worked. The cause, self-imposed. But I have no idea what the remedy is. I feel as over-loaded as the next person.

Anyone have any sensible suggestions as to how you break out of this cycle? Moving to a commune is not really an option for either of us.

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