The High Priestess: We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams

The High PriestessMy dreaming life is still all about teaching. My day dreams. Even my night ones. Once I’ve worked out what concepts I need to teach in my classroom I spend hours researching lessons on the net, doodling down ideas in my work program and discussing plans with my co-workers, until I feel like I’ve hit on the right approach. Then I move onto the next topic. Last night I dreamt about a lesson coming up this week and realised in the dream I had crammed too much stuff in (as usual) and would need to change my lesson plan.

I am a great dreamer of dreams. All my life I’ve built castles in the air. But they’re definitely not always about my day job.

Sometimes my dreaming is about the stories I like to write. That’s usually a holiday dreaming.

Often my dreaming is about my day-to-day life. Just getting everything straight in my head: What I need to do for my daughters, what shopping I need to buy on the way home from work, what library books need to be returned etc etc etc. Keeping track of the things on The List that helps me get through each day.

Sometimes my dreaming life is all about The Boy. Whichever one it is I fancy at the time. I can spend years dreaming about someone without ever doing anything about it.

For the last 6 months a lot of my dreaming has been about this blog. About what cards I should write about and what I should say about them. It’s easier to write a whole lot of posts at once rather than try to enter that dreaming space every day. It takes a lot of thought to write about Tarot cards, that is, if you want to do so intelligently.

What are your daydreams about at the moment?

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