The Comfort Offered By The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of FortuneI haven’t written much about the Wheel Of Fortune. It’s one of those cards that seems blindingly obvious as it represents the ups and downs of life. You win Tattslotto, you get fired. You miss out on buying the house of your dreams, a better one comes up. Your child crashes the car, your child aces his exams. You get the good and the bad in life. No one is immune from disaster or unblessed in some way.

What I find incredibly comforting about this card is its symbology. A wheel keeps on turning. When things aren’t going your way it’s a beautiful reminder that life won’t always feel hard. Nothing stays the same forever.

When Life Lessons Tarot (aka the Major Arcana) is laid out in three lines one below the other to represent the three stages of life according to Tarot (childhood, adulthood and maturity) the Wheel of Fortune card sits above The Star card meaning sanctuary. I see this as a visual reminder that the Wheel Of Fortune provides sanctuary from mental distress.

Sometimes we need more than tea to get us through the day. We need to know that there is a possibility our life will change and the Wheel Of Fortune provides that comfort. Bless it!


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