The Devil: Depression

The Devil

Well here I am living the Tarot, highlighting how the cards manifest in my life and in the events I witness around me, writing about my experiences. And the bottom line is they’re not always positive ones. As I’ve told you my Tarot card-of-the-year is The Devil. I’ve been a bit of a cheerleader for this card, pointing out its good side, rah-rah-rah. Because I’m an optimist, a glass half-full kind of gal. But today is my birthday and I’m feeling sad. The Devil was my card-of-the-year nine years ago and I was downright depressed on my birthday then because a relationship I really wanted to work had just ended. So it’s time to stop living in denial about this card (one of its themes actually) and admit straight up that The Devil can be associated with depression.

I’m okay. I’m fine actually. But a close family member is not. Hence the sadness. I’ve been depressed but never suffered from depression. However over the last year I’ve got to witness this illness up close and personal like. It’s full of self-loathing. The desire for death. The negative non-functional side of The Devil card is as black as it looks.

But there’s always hope in Tarot. If you gaze at the card closely you can see that the people at The Devil’s feet have the possibility of escape. Their chains are loose. For me the secret to moving on from a difficult Life Lessons (aka Major Arcana) card is to look at the next one along. In this case it’s The Tower. Breakdown. Break through. Changing your thinking. Not that this is ever easy. No card in the last section of Life Lessons Tarot is. Not even The Star card (a common misconception).

Have you suffered from depression? How did you get through?

P.S. If you are currently suffering from depression please seek help from a medical professional. There are lots of great services out there.

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