Two Of Pentacles: Juggling The Good With The Bad

2 Pents

I’ve just finished reading Dan Brown’s latest blockbuster ‘Inferno’. I loved ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and have read several of his other novels. Some of my friends look down their noses at his writing and when I started reading ‘Inferno’ I was determined to pay closer attention to the text. And what a shock it was. Either his writing has deteriorated or I’ve been blind. Large slabs of the story were basically travelogue slash history lesson. But I read on because there were still things for me to enjoy in the story.

This to me is a Two Of Pentacles situation. I was prepared to put up with the tedious writing to enjoy the benefits of a good plot. In life you have to juggle the good with the bad.

Have you read ‘Inferno’? Did you enjoy it?

2 thoughts on “Two Of Pentacles: Juggling The Good With The Bad

  1. I agree that story is waaay more important but I have to admit Sandytoes I really struggled with the writing on this one. Wouldn’t call it awesome myself.

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