Throwback Thursday: The Tarot Of Game Of Thrones Season 1

GoT1Throwback Thursday is a chance to revisit some of my favorite posts. Seeing as how fans like myself are beginning to rev up for the next season of GoT I thought I’d take the opportunity to revisit where the TV show began by republishing the Tarot of Game of Thrones Season One. Continue reading


The Tarot Of The Walking Dead

I’ve just finished mainlining series two of ‘The Walking Dead’. Seeing as how I can’t get those zombies out of my head I thought we might explore the Tarot of this television show.

6 Cups

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Two Of Pentacles: Nurturing All Sides Of Your Personality

2 Pents

Continuing on the theme from my previous post…I feel the need for a break from the internet. Not completely, whoa, let’s not get carried away. More a slowdown. My gut instinct is protesting. Yelling at me to switch off and read some books for awhile. To balance me out. My yin with my yang. Being a Gemini I’m very aware of the double-sided nature of my personality. I guess that’s why I’m not posting as much lately. It’s not you google, it’s me. Really.

The Two Of Pentacles card can be a reminder to pay attention to other aspects of your life. Especially when reversed.

Have you ever taken a break from the Internet for your own sanity?

The Tarot Of Elections

It’s the day after the election here in Australia and while most peeps are probably nursing a hangover after celebrating the win or the loss I thought I’d have a look at the Tarot Of Elections.

The Empress

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Two Of Pentacles: Juggling The Good With The Bad

2 Pents

I’ve just finished reading Dan Brown’s latest blockbuster ‘Inferno’. I loved ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and have read several of his other novels. Some of my friends look down their noses at his writing and when I started reading ‘Inferno’ I was determined to pay closer attention to the text. And what a shock it was. Either his writing has deteriorated or I’ve been blind. Large slabs of the story were basically travelogue slash history lesson. But I read on because there were still things for me to enjoy in the story.

This to me is a Two Of Pentacles situation. I was prepared to put up with the tedious writing to enjoy the benefits of a good plot. In life you have to juggle the good with the bad.

Have you read ‘Inferno’? Did you enjoy it?

Two Of Pentacles: Swapping One Thing For Another

2 PentsRandom Mathematical Fact: I was teaching my students how to turn fractions into decimals and back again today and it struck me how this situation is embodied in the Two Of Pentacles card. For those who have tried to block maths from their mind since they left high school a fraction looks like this 1/10 and in decimal notation it would be described like this 0.1. In maths language 1/10 = 0.1 = 1/10. They are interchangeable.

And it seems to me that describes a definite facet of the Two Of Pentacles card: The ability to swap one thing for another!

What do you think? Makes sense or not?

The Tarot Of Game Of Thrones Season One

So I made the fatal mistake of letting a boy in my local video shop (yes, some of us still hire them instead of downloading them off the internet) talk me into renting the first few episodes of the TV series ‘Game Of Thrones’. Now of course I’m hooked. Hooked and repulsed in equal measure because Lord Of The Rings it is not. The good guys don’t necessarily win. Justice doesn’t prevail.

But I’m enjoying the characters. The women are unexpectedly diverse and well-rounded. And even though I haven’t quite got to the end of season one I thought it would be fun to explore the Tarot of the leads.

King Wands

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