The Moon: Skeletons Rattling In The Closet

Actually this post was meant to be about mice not skeletons. Specifically, the mouse living inside the walls of my house. I suspect its been there for awhile but this winter it’s really made its presence felt. I hear it scratching on the lounge room ceiling while I’m trying to watch TV and rustling beneath the floorboards of my bedroom in the wee hours. A couple of times its ventured out overnight to leave calling cards in the kitchen, bless. And once I saw it scuttling back into its hidey hole when I got up during the night to go to the toilet. What a whooper! I’m obviously a great host.

I put a mouse trap crammed with peanut butter in the kitchen weeks ago, fat lot of use that’s turned out to be. The Six Of Wands Reversed represents what a loser I am at catching mice. (Imagine me sitting here making a giant L on my forehead with my left thumb and forefinger.)

The Moon card symbolises things rising to the surface. And that’s what my mouse has done this year. Become obvious. Next thing I know it’ll be kicking back with me on the couch in front of the fire. It got me thinking of other things rising to the surface. Unpleasant things. And that’s when it hit me. The Moon is the card of things rattling in the closet, like skeletons. Not sure which is worse, them or mice.

Do you have anything rattling in the closet, real or imaginary?

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