Wheel Of Fortune: Karma At Work

The Wheel Of Fortune

I was talking about the Wheel Of Fortune card this afternoon with a friend who was sacked a couple of days ago. This is her Tarot card-of-the-year. The Wheel of Fortune represents the ups and downs of life and we all know which category getting sacked falls into. Talk about a major downer. But whilst my friend’s sad and shocked by what’s happened she’s also excited by the opportunity it presents her. You see, she didn’t really like her job. She was putting up with it to get herself in a better financial position but planning on leaving at some stage anyway. Now she can focus on what she really wants to do in her career.

And it got us thinking: Is there an element of karma in the ups and downs that the Wheel Of Fortune card brings us? Is the Wheel Of Fortune destiny at work? A prod from the universe to get on with your real business here on planet earth.

As they say, ‘When one door closes another one opens.’ And sometimes you need to have the first door slammed in your face to even notice that the other door is there waiting for you.

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