Five Of Wands: The Return Of Big Brother

5 Wands

Yeah yeah I know I shouldn’t but one of my guilty pleasures is watching the television show Big Brother. I find it fascinating. It’s like observing a science experiment. Seeing how people react when locked up in a cage together. Usually the producers choose the same demographic, i.e. good looking people in their 20s, and the kissing games and conversations about the opposite sex start to get old really quickly. But still, I watch.

Big Brother Australia 2013 started tonight and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of contestants this year: gay, lesbian, surfer dude, war hero, mum, airline hostess, high school teacher, even someone in their – shock horror – forties. Of course it could all blow up in Big Brother’s face. They could have nothing to say to each other. But at least the conversations and dynamic will be different.

To me the Five Of Wands is the classic Big Brother Tarot card. The game is about deploying your social and interpersonal skills 24/7. And the contestants not only have to use these skills on each other but on the Australian public as well. He or she who does this best graduates to the next wands card…

6 Wands

Six Of Wands: They win Big Brother!

You never know when someone might explode or get caught saying something bitchy on camera that hurts their popularity with the public. You never know how people will react under pressure. So I say: Let the games begin!

Do you like watching Big Brother?

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