The Emperor Reversed: Intermittent Fasting Failure

The Emperor R

So. A lot of my friends are on the intermittent fasting diet and lookin’ mighty fine as a result. Intermittent fasting is where you eat little or nothing for one to two days a week. It’s also known as the Eat Stop Eat diet. The science behind it seems pretty solid. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors often went without food for extended periods of time. And it’s meant to be good for rebalancing your hormones which have a big impact on weight control.

Anyhoo, some random emailed me about intermittent fasting on the weekend and suddenly I’m like, yeeees I’ve gotta try this, from now on I’m gonna exist on green tea every Monday and Thursday. That was the plan. So yesterday was Monday. I wouldn’t say I was hyped but I was quietly confident I’d be alright. I got up, had breakfast, a nut/fruit/egg smoothie, a good combination of vitamins and protein, and that was meant to be it until breakfast the next day.

I lasted 5 hours.

What can I say? I have a severe addiction to milky tea. The idea of going a whole day without my chai-cinnos (yup I not only made up that name I made up the drink: frothy chai latte) was unbearable. So much for my plan to slim down for spring. I’m a big fat failure at intermittent fasting. Boo-hoo.

Have you tried intermittent fasting? How did you go?

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