Seven Of Wands: Aaaaaaaaaah! Technology!

7 Wands

Don’t you hate it when it’s late and you’re tired and you just need to print off a couple of things for work tomorrow but the $#!@ printer refuses to work. That happened to me tonight. Lights were flashing on the bleeping machine but I couldn’t work out what they meant. The printer might as well have been speaking an alien language. The instruction booklet was written in Mandarin so that was useless. But the thing was I really really really needed to print off those pages.

There’s nothing for it when technology goes on the blink but to work through the problem as logically and calmly as you can. And never ever ever give up. Because hacking into the printer with an axe is never going to solve the situation (although it’s tempting to do it anyway.) Dealing with technology is very much a Seven Of Wands situation. You just have to keep battling on until you find the answer. Thank God for Google that’s all I can say.

Does technology ever push you over the edge?

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