Two Of Swords: 23 Signs You Know You’re An Introvert

2 Swords

Twenty-three signs you know you’re an introvert courtesy of The Huffington Post…

1. You don’t enjoy small talk.

2. You don’t go to parties to meet people but to hang out with your mates.

3. You feel alone in a crowd.

4. Networking is stressful.

5. People think you’re too intense.

6. You feel over-stimulated in a crowd.

7. Downtime feels more productive that ‘uptime’.

8. It’s easier to talk to hundreds of people than a couple at a time.

9. You sit at the end of a row of seats in the cinema and on the train.

10. Socialising makes you tired.

11. You’re drawn to extroverts.

12. You avoid shows that require audience participation or hide up the back.

13. You screen your calls.

14. You notice details others don’t.

15. Your inner monologue never shuts up.

16. You have low blood pressure (apparently).

17. You’ve been called an old soul.

18. You don’t get pumped at music festivals, you feel worn out.

19. You look at the big picture.

20. You’ve been told to come out of your shell.

21. You’re a writer.

22. You alternate between phases of solitude and social activity.

23. You’d rather be an expert at one thing than try to do everything.

Okay introverts, do you agree or disagree?

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