Seven Of Swords: Being Spammed!

7 Swords


I got sucked into the spammer’s lair. They snuck in through the back door and took advantage of my newbie-on-the-blog-block ignorance to trick me into accepting their comments. It was vanity what done me in. What blogger doesn’t want to be told that their posts are the best the reader has ever heard? So I accepted their glowing tributes and more and more of them started arriving in my spam box. Of course, the Czechoslovakian names should have tipped me off. Seriously. Why would so many people from the Czech Republic be interested in my obscure Tarot blog? And the fact wordpress put them in my spam box should have been a hint in itself. Not to mention, the more spam comments I accepted the more spam I got. As I said at the start, doh!

Eventually the penny dropped and I deleted the dodgy comments. Now my spam traffic has petered off. No more casino or smoking links. No more porn names. Hoorah! But I have to say, as a scammer from way back myself, I can’t help but admire their sneakiness.

How do you cope with spam in your letterbox?

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