Ten Of Wands: Overloaded

10 Wands

I know, I know. I haven’t been posting much in recent weeks. Like the bloke in the Ten Of Wands card above I’ve been a tad overloaded and my brain has been drained of words. There’s been nothing left for this blog at the end of the day. Nada.

The thing about the Ten Of Wands is that usually the person carrying the heavy load has brought some of their burden on themselves. So yes, my control freak nature probably doesn’t help when times are tough. Although I like to think of it as going the extra mile, lol.

But things can’t go on being intense forever. As they say: This too will pass.¬†Remember that the next time you pull the Ten Of Wands out of the pack and see what you can do yourself to lessen the load.

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