The Tarot Of Elections

It’s the day after the election here in Australia and while most peeps are probably nursing a hangover after celebrating the win or the loss I thought I’d have a look at the Tarot Of Elections.

The Empress

The Empress: The Left Wing. Like to spend money on health and education and aged services. Not so good at counting the cost.

The Emperor

The Emperor: The Right Wing. Like to balance the books. Not in favour of handouts.

2 Pents

Two Of Pentacles: The Swinging Voter. Their vote depends on what’s important to them at the time they cast their ballot.

The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune: Political parties come in and out of favour.

The Tower

The Tower: A change of government. This time in Australia there was no doubt about who was going to win. Labour was on the nose. The Liberals were a shoe-in.

Knight Wands

Knight Of Wands: However a change of leadership to Kevin Rudd in the Labour party a few months ago is believed to have lessoned the swing against them.

Queen Swords

Queen Of Swords: I’m proud that the previous Labour leader managed to cut through the political glass ceiling to become the first female prime minister of Australia. The Queen Of Swords is more apt here than the Queen Of Wands as she did so by sticking a knife in the previous Labour leader’s back, who returned the compliment a couple of months ago.

The Devil

The Devil: How many of my friends view the new prime minister, Tony Abbott. Bit harsh.

The Fool

The Fool: One thing’s for sure our new PM is rather unpredictable so his tenure should be an interesting one.

Are you Australian? How do you feel about the election result?

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