Temperance: Making Adjustments


I don’t think we’ve ever looked at Temperance in depth. Let’s have a good gander now, shall we? I always like to start with the picture. Here you can see an angel pouring liquid from one cup to another. The strange thing is the liquid seems to be flowing uphill, defying gravity, as much as it is flowing down. The angel stands with one foot on the hard solid earth and the other in nebulous water. A sun peeks over some mountains in the distance.

The angel reminds me of Tom Cruise mixing up delicious drinks in the movie Cocktail. He is the mixer par excellence, combining different parts of life – earth and water – to make one heavenly concoction. In the Temperance card we make adjustments, trying to get just the right mix in our lives. Find the perfect balance.

Temperance comes from the word temper. To modify. This can signify the need to manage expectations. To finely adjust behavior. A process that occurs naturally as we age to cater for diminishing physical capabilities and altered desires.

The kinds of experiences you might have with this card include: Readjusting to a new lifestyle after marriage or a move. Reconnecting with old friends.¬†Adjusting to getting older. Tweaking your presence online. Getting clothes altered to suit a new body shape. Taking the middle path between two possibilities. Managing to stay calm under pressure. Being the chairperson of a committee or president of the board, managing diverse opinions. Re-examining your life’s priorities. Coping with the new reality after your last child leaves home or learning to live with your husband underfoot when he retires. Focusing on your health.

How have you experienced this card?

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