Nine Of Cups: A Wish Come True

9 Cups

I got this card recently and was trying to work out how it fitted into my life at a time when I’m unable to go to work and want to and have a very sick relative. But I see some resonance with the idea that the Nine Of Cups can symbolize a wish come true.

Wish #1: My relative has got a lot better in the last month. It’s no longer like living hell, it’s actually kind of nice spending time together as she continues to work on her health.

Wish #2: I’ve been able to work on my unpublished novel which is both unexpected and delightful.

I thought the Nine Of Cups was going to represent me going back to my grade (which I’m looking forward to) but turns out the universe had other plans. You can’t always predict with Tarot how your destiny will manifest exactly – even knowing the cards.

What does the Nine Of Cups mean to you?

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