Saturday Night Fight Club: Wands Vs Cups Vs Swords Vs Pentacles

Fight Club

Knowing the difference in the meanings between wands, cups, swords and pentacles really helps understand the meanings of the Everyday Tarot (aka Minor Arcana) Tarot cards.

You can sum up this difference in just a few words…

Ace Wands

Wands: Actions

Ace Cups

Cups: Feelings

Ace Swords

Swords: Thoughts

Ace Pents

Pentacles: Values

There are other words that can used as well, but these are a great starting point when trying to understand the difference between cards with a similar number.

For example, the Aces represent gifts and can be defined as follows…

Ace of Wands: A heroic action

Ace of Cups: A gift of love

Ace of Swords: A great idea

Ace of Pentacles: Receiving something you value enormously


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