The Vague Tax


I read a great article recently about the price we pay for our modern lifestyle. A woman wrote that in her state of permanent exhaustion she went to an ATM to withdraw $100 and accidentally forgot to collect the money out of the machine. She completed the transaction, put her card back in her wallet (phew!), placed her wallet in her bag and walked away. Of course, by the time she remembered ten minutes later and rushed back, the money was gone (What would you do if you found money in a machine, huh?)

Over the years she’s also left phones in taxis and wallets in cafes, let gift cards expire, and paid fees on direct debits that bounced because she didn’t update her credit card details. She calls it the Vague Tax. You can read the original article here:

So which Tarot card would represent the Vague Tax?

Probably this one

4 Pents R

Four of Pentacles Reversed

Not holding tightly onto your money!

In good news, it turned out the machine had swallowed the money when it wasn’t collected and the amount was reallocated to her bank account. Who knew that was a thing!

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