The Tarot of Westworld


I finally got around to watching Westworld. Despite many recommendations from friends, I didn’t like it’s misogynistic overtones. Of course, once I started, I couldn’t stop. Which doesn’t mean it was perfect.

Here are my many thoughts on the Tarot of Westworld.

But beware, spoilers after the cut…

The Empress R

Empress Reversed: Anti Female

It definitely looks misogynistic.

There was lots of this…

The Devil + Five of Swords: Abuse

Both genders suffered awful mental and physical abuses. However, watching women set-up to be raped on a daily basis was particularly horrifying. Even if they were machines.

Anyway, the whole premise of this show is that these robots are more than machines. They’re doing this…

The Magician

The Magician: Developing consciousness.

Which adds to the horror.

Moreover, this is happening…

6 Cups

Six of Cups: Recalling the past

They’re getting their memories back. Vivid flashbacks of how they’ve been raped and murdered over and over again. Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds.

What was surprising about this series was how the women did this…

7 Wands

Seven of Wands: Fought back

In fact the two main female protagonists were this…

Knight Wands

Knight of Wands: The heroes of the story

Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton were the first actors mentioned in the opening credits. By the end of the first series both have done this…


Strength: Found the inner strength to overthrow their masters chains.

Performances are universally this…

King Wands

King of Wands: Masterful

I particularly enjoyed watching the two female leads, as well as Jeffrey Wright. He does this…

2 Pents

Two of Pentacles: Juggles a dual role.

There were lots of these (if you didn’t read the fan blogs)…

The Wheel of Fortune + The Fool: Surprising twists and turns in the plot

Plus the production values are this…

Ace Pents

Ace of Pentacles: Amazeballs

But whilst it’s a beautiful show to watch, at it’s heart it felt like this…

Judgement R

Judgement Reversed: Misanthropic i.e. Anti People

The main human characters were almost universally appalling, and many ended up killed off. It’s the robots who’re given the keys to the kingdom at the end. Which would be represented by this card…

The World

What are your thoughts on Westworld?

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