Crying Wolf


One of the most famous English folktales is ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’. The story goes that a young shepherd would trick his fellow villagers by shouting for help, pretending that wolves were attacking his sheep. Several times the villagers rushed to his aid, only to discover the shepherd laughing at them. Of course, when a wolf really did attack, no-one came to his aid.

This week local officials in my hometown pleaded for people to stop “crying wolf” because…

Too many peeps are bombarding the emergency service hotline with time-wasting calls.

2 Cups R

Two of Cups Reversed: Reaching out to others inappropriately

Even though everyone knows that ambulances should only be requested when it’s…


Death: A matter of life and death

This comes at the expense of those who genuinely…

Two of Cups + The Tower: Require urgent assistance from others

Culprits include phone pests…

The Fool R

The Fool Reversed: Being a nuisance

And the Worried Well.

9 Swords R

Nine of Swords Reversed: Worrying over nothing

Last year ambulance assistance was requested for minor cuts on fingers and bumps to the head, help getting to sleep on hot nights, concerns for snoring neighbours and a man worried about not passing wind for 24 hours.

Emergency service officers have blamed the rise in non-emergency calls on this…

7 Wands R

Seven of Wands Reversed: A growing lack of resilience in the community

Combined with this…

3 Cups R

Three of Cups Reversed: A growing lack of connection

Which may be due to this…

Ace Wands

Ace of Wands: The rise in technology

Is this a problem where you live?

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