Drop Dunnys

I wrote the title to this post a couple of weeks ago and for the life of me I can’t remember why.

Dunny is an Australian colloquialism meaning toilet. A drop dunny is a toilet you find in remote places in Australia.

When you open up the lid you see a tunnel beneath the seat that drops down into the earth. There’s no plumbing, just a long drop beneath your nether regions (and possibly a few flies).

Usually it’s built beneath a shelter, and looks a lot like the one in the picture above.

They are quite common in the Australian bush and on farms out the back of beyond (another colloquialism, meaning, in the middle-of-nowhere.)

They aren’t the most fun amenities to visit, but they sure come in handy sometimes.

You’d use a drop dunny when…

Five of Pentacles: There’s no better option

Have you ever tried a drop dunny?

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