A nudge is a little push. Animals nudge their young to steer them in the right direction. And now behavioural scientists are suggesting parents use this strategy as well, to steer their young in the right direction.

Kids definitely don’t seem to respond to this strategy…

Knight of Swords + Eight of Pentacles: Nagging

Which leaves parents feeling like this…

8 Swords

Eight of Swords: Powerless

Most parents I know are looking for ways to get their children to obey…

3 Wands

Three of Wands: Wanting to improve your skill set

Nudge theory was first made famous by some US economists.

King Swords

King of Swords: University professors

It’s based on the idea that 80 per cent of human behaviour is automatic, with people responding to cues around them.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess: Acting instinctively

Nudges are not this…

Justice R

Justice Reversed: Mandates

They are this…

Page Swords

Page of Swords: Making small smart choices

It’s putting fruit at eye level, rather than banning junk food.

It’s using smaller bowls and spoons when eating ice-cream.

It’s keeping treats where kids can’t see them.

It’s shopping alone so the kids don’t know there are treats in the cupboard.

It’s keeping bikes, scooters and other sports equipment at the front and back doors.

It’s taking the kids to a park before they think of playing on their iPads.

It’s making this easier…

Ace Swords

Ace of Swords: Choosing the best option

The only downside is that it involves this…

7 Swords

Seven of Swords: Being sneaky

I actually know mums who’ve hidden in the pantry to eat treats, so the kids won’t see them and want treats too.

Do you have any successful nudging tips to share?

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