The Word Nazi

A bar in New York City’s East Village has posted a sign banning the word ‘literally’ from the establishment. If you say the word inside the bar you get 5 minutes to finish your drink before you get kicked out. If you start a sentence with literally you have to leave immediately. This is literally hilarious.

So, which Tarot card represents a word Nazi. Well, swords represent words so maybe this one…

Knight of Swords Reversed: The word Nazi

And which represents someone with poor grammar?

Page of Swords Reversed: Using words poorly

Apparently, the sign is just a joke. The bar owner fessed up that his bar would be empty if he enforced the rule. In his own words, “How could I mean that? I  literally feel sorry for anybody who would take this seriously.”

Personally, I’d like a dollar for every time I’ve seen someone use there, their and they’re incorrectly. That is literally sooooo annoying. Especially when I see it on a teacher’s Facebook page. I mean, really???

What gets up your grammar goat?

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