The Different Stages of the Christmas Season

We’re in the pause between Christmas and New Year. A time many have off from work. In some ways, this is my favourite part of the Christmas season. The manic rush of Christmas has passed and there is time before the New Year to reflect. But maybe you prefer another part?

Let’s explore the different stages of the Christmas Season…

We decorate the house…

Ten of Pentacles: Taking part in valued traditions

Catch up with friends for a drink…

Three of Cups: Socialising

Buy presents…

Six of Pentacles: Giving and receiving

Rush around like mad at the end to get everything done…

Ten of Wands: Being overextended

By Christmas Eve, you hopefully begin to feel this…

Ace of Cups: Spiritually renewed

Beit through your faith, by listening to carols, or by spending time with loved ones.

On Christmas Day we spend time with family.

Hopefully, it felt like this…

Ten of Cups: Counting your blessings

Rather than this…

Three of Swords: Reigniting old heartaches

Maybe by the end of the day you experienced this…

Nine of Cups Reversed: Food coma or other over-indulgence

We now have a week between Christmas and New Year.

Which is a great time for this…

Four of Swords: Restful contemplation

Before the new year comes around.

When we do this…

Ace of Swords: Set a clear direction for the next twelve months

What is your favourite stage of the Christmas season?

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