The Tarot of Valentine’s Day

O-oh! Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. You might love it. You might dread it. Either way, it elicits a response.

These are the cards that come to mind when I think of this day…
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Seven Of Cups: So, Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want.

7 Cups

Seven Of Cups: A man gazes at a group of cups standing on a cloud. Clouds represent our dreams and fantasies. Each cup holds something he values: knowledge (snake), love (face), a home (castle), wealth (jewels), honour (wreath) and power (the dragon). Tempting him away from what his soul desires as represented by the cup holding the shrouded figure. His back is turned towards the viewer indicating his indecisiveness over which cup he should choose.

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The Relationship Who’s Who of Cups

In Tarot a cup represents feelings. Cup cards therefore refer to the relationships in your life. You can kind of break them down as follows:

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