Ways To Be Successful According To The Good Book Tarot (Part 2)

As I said yesterday, you can achieve success in various ways according to the good book Tarot. Here are the ones that stand out for me from the Life Lessons part of the deck.

The Emperor

The Emperor: Success achieved through hard work and discipline. For some reason potty training comes to mind. After a lot of practice and concentration every kid eventually manages to swap nappies (or diapers as they’re called O.S.) for undies (as we call pants here in Australia).

The Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune: Success as part of the natural ups and downs of life. Sometimes things go your way for no particular reason. More of it I say.

The Sun

The Sun: Living the life of your dreams e.g. You love being a mother more than anything else and you get to be a stay-at-home mum.

The World

The World: The ultimate success. Where you’re at peace with your life in every way. Not only are you living the life of your dreams but in doing so you’re contributing to the broader community.

Because these are Life Lesson cards we all get to experience them at some stage in our lives (hopefully.) And let’s not forget the Court cards when it comes to success. Getting a king or queen can signify mastery of a particular area of your life.

So there you have it. Any other suggestions?

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