The Tarot of The Anne Hathaway Les Mis Parody

I’ve found another top video clip for your entertainment. A Les Mis spoof in which a pseudo Anne Hathaway begs Academy Members not to forget her dream come Oscar night to the tune of Fantine’s big song in Les Miserables ‘I Dreamed A Dream’. You can find the link at:

Hmmmmm. Not sure which card to file this one under.

The Fool

The Fool? For being hilarious and a jolly good joke on Anne.

5 Pents

Five Of Pentacles? Because this card totally captures Fantine’s dilemma. So close to salvation via a decent job yet so far. She was doing alright until her workmates found out she had a kid. Whereupon she was labelled a slut and thrown out on her ear.

3 Swords

What about the Three Of Swords? ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ is basically a song about how Fantine was betrayed by the father of her child.

10 Swords

Or the Ten Of Swords? Anne Hathaway’s character is stabbed in the back left, right and centre in the movie. Depression thy name is Fantine.

What do you reckon?

P.S. Will file the link to the video clip on my Facebook page as per usual. Enjoy!

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