Four Of Swords: Sweet Sweet Sleep

4 Swords

I’ve just woken up from a 12 hour sleep coma, oh the bliss. I’m a big fan of the weekend lie in. I tend to run on empty during the week but I black out Saturday and Sunday mornings on my schedule as much as possible to enable me to stay in bed until I wake. And always feel better for it. Too many people seem to undervalue the therapeutical benefits of a good night’s sleep and don’t factor it into their busy lifestyles. They just grab what rest they can around the edges of their lives. Personally, I think this is a big mistake. Tiredness leads to poor decision making and a loss of enjoyment in life. Or worse. I’ve witnessed first hand how the inability to sleep can be a major factor in mental health issues.

The Four Of Swords card represents time out from the stresses of daily life and nothing gives you a mental pick-me-up quicker than a good night’s sleep. I highly recommend it.

What about you? Are you good at sleeping or terrible at it?

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