Justice Reversed: When Life Is Plain Unfair

Justice R

I’ve borrowed this piece of Tarot wisdom. It came in the latest email from the Biddy Tarot website, my first go-to whenever I’m unsure about some aspect of Tarot. Biddy rocks! And funnily enough she comes from the same hometown as I do. Melbourne is a bit of a hotbed of Tarot card readers it seems. Probably because we need something to do during the cold weather when we’re forced to entertain ourselves inside for months on end. Or maybe we just happen to live on some ancient spiritual ley-line. Whatever, I thought this catchline was too good not to pass on. I also haven’t done many posts on Justice. So here goes, a mixture of my own and Biddy’s thoughts, on Justice Reversed…

Justice is the karma card. It indicates that you are reaping what you’ve sewn. When it comes up in the reversed position you may feel like something is happening to you that is grossly unfair, that’s not your fault, and there is nothing you can do about it. Maybe your boss is a psychopath and giving you a hard time at work. Maybe you miss out on justice in court even though you are right because you couldn’t afford legal representation. Maybe your partner doesn’t help out enough around the house.

When the Justice card appears you need to think logically. Don’t get emotional as this will only make the situation worse. Use this as an opportunity to re-evaluate the decisions you’ve made and the actions you’ve taken that have led you to this point. Look to regain your sense of balance and self-worth.

Note: The two cards that follow Justice in Life Lessons Tarot (aka the Major Arcana) are The Hanged Man and Death. This indicates that the solution might take time and require a major shift on your part. This might seem harsh. Why should we have to change when others are the ones in the wrong? We all want the bad guys to get their comeuppance. But as far as Tarot is concerned this is not our responsibility. We only have the power to change our own attitudes and actions. Our personal karma. We have to let the universe dole out karma to others.

This is a difficult card to face. But remember, no matter how dark the days feel, in Tarot there is always hope. Good luck!

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