The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Easter is a time of hope. It therefore seems the perfect moment to explore the riveting survival tale of the Jewish man who tattoed prisoners at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War 2. His story has not come to light until now because of the incredible guilt he carried about what he was forced to do to his fellow prisoners.

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A nudge is a little push. Animals nudge their young to steer them in the right direction. And now behavioural scientists are suggesting parents use this strategy as well, to steer their young in the right direction.

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Justice Reversed: Taking Advantage Of The System

Justice R

I received a depressing letter from my local council today. A developer whose housing plans for my suburb have been rejected umpteen times is appealing yet again to the state umpire. Each time the developer appeals the plans are changed to the minutest degree. But each time they appeal their opposition grows weaker. The enemy has deep pockets. They can afford to pay lawyers to write letters and stand up in court for them for years. While their opposition, made up of local families with ordinary jobs, runs out of money and steam. Yet we are the ones who actually live in the place. We are the ones who will be affected. But that’s the way the system works. It’s not a question of justice. The winners are the ones who can keep punching in court the longest. Who can take advantage of a justice system in which you seem to have an endless right to appeal. And where is the real justice in that?

Have you suffered at the hands of a Deep Pockets in court?

Justice Reversed: When Life Is Plain Unfair

Justice R

I’ve borrowed this piece of Tarot wisdom. It came in the latest email from the Biddy Tarot website, my first go-to whenever I’m unsure about some aspect of Tarot. Biddy rocks! And funnily enough she comes from the same hometown as I do. Melbourne is a bit of a hotbed of Tarot card readers it seems. Probably because we need something to do during the cold weather when we’re forced to entertain ourselves inside for months on end. Or maybe we just happen to live on some ancient spiritual ley-line. Whatever, I thought this catchline was too good not to pass on. I also haven’t done many posts on Justice. So here goes, a mixture of my own and Biddy’s thoughts, on Justice Reversed…

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