The World: Being In ‘The Zone’

The World

…And I’m back. I dropped off the radar for a couple of weeks there. Shit happens. Sometimes it’s just plain everyday stuff keeping me from this blog. I read on a writer’s blog recently that you shouldn’t use your family and friends as an excuse not to write but I call b-s- on that. Relationships come first as far as I’m concerned. If peeps need me I’ll be there. Anyway, as I discussed recently I feel like I write better when my head is clear. And it doesn’t kill me as much. I don’t know how it works for other writers but for me it takes a lot of energy to enter the writing ‘zone’. Its much easier for me to write when I’m rested than try to get to that place after a long day at work.

The World is the Tarot card that represents being ‘in the zone’ whether you are writing, painting, running a business, parenting or surfing. It’s that place you get to after a lot of effort where everything flows easily. It’s the ultimate Tarot/life experience.

In what area of your life do you ever feel yourself in ‘the zone’?

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