The Tarot Of The Beauty Pageant Winner

I plan a post on the Tarot of The Beauty Pageant Winner and by an amazing coincidence the winner of Miss America is crowned at the same time. I must have been picking up the vibes in the air somehow. More importantly, I finally have a clear enough head to write a post two days in a row, whoo-hoo, now that really is something worth celebrating. Let’s get stuck into it shall we?

5 Wands

Five Of Wands: A beauty pageant is a competition, yeah baby, and the word on the street is that those gals can play pretty rough sometimes. Don’t get me started on those kiddie pageant mammas.

Queen Cups

Queen Of Cups: Hmmm, if anyone represents the ideal woman surely it’s this chick. Cups are feelings and fantasy and the queen is the ultimate babe of this suit.

6 Cups

Six Of Cups: The whole thing is a fantasy of course held together with model tape and spray tan. In the bright light of day these gals don’t look so different from us (okay, maybe a liittle bit different).

The Lovers

The Lovers: All the girls are beautiful so ultimately it’s a coin toss on the winner. It comes down to the personal preference of the judges.

6 Wands

Six Of Wands: But there can only be one winner (or sometimes two, if the first one is suddenly discovered to have posed for nude shots in her naive youth and gets dumped.)

The Tower

The Tower: And that girl’s life will be changed forever. Certainly the way she views herself would have to change. Being the winner of one of a beauty contest thingo is considered a pretty big deal.

Are you pro or anti beauty contests?

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