Six Of Wands: Winning!

6 Wands

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition called Alopecia Areata which causes random bald spots to form on your head. I only have one so far, thank God, but have been under threat of more.

Auto-immune conditions are not very well understood. The first thing my doctor told me was that she wasn’t able to help my condition, only monitor it. That I might get lots more spots or none. That it might take years for my hair to grow back. Oh, yay! Continue reading

The Tarot Of The Beauty Pageant Winner

I plan a post on the Tarot of The Beauty Pageant Winner and by an amazing coincidence the winner of Miss America is crowned at the same time. I must have been picking up the vibes in the air somehow. More importantly, I finally have a clear enough head to write a post two days in a row, whoo-hoo, now that really is something worth celebrating. Let’s get stuck into it shall we?

5 Wands

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Six Of Wands: Winning!

6 Wands

I had another go at intermittent fasting today. You can tell that I’m keen to make this a regular part of my eating plan. As I said the science behind it is solid. And I drink a LOT of milky tea each day so I just want to give my body a break a couple of times a week. Also, I went clothes shopping last night and it was depressing being forced to buy size 14 instead of size 12 and large instead of medium. Not that I’m panicking about weight or anything but I do want to be healthy.

Instead of starting my fast after breakfast I timed it from my last cup of tea last night. I also had some green tea to help me through the day. I’ve always enjoyed drinking green tea at Asian restaurants but never found a brand I liked to drink at home before. Yesterday I brought one from a tea store I trust and the women who sold it to me said the key was not to pour boiling water onto the tea but to add some cold water to the pot first. And voila, for the first time ever I made drinkable green tea.

I didn’t make it to the 24 hour mark but I did hold out till 6 o’clock which is about 20 hours. And as far as I’m concerned that’s winning. I’m not a masochist or anything. It’s important to cherish the small victories in life, don’t you think? Have you had any recently?

Five Of Wands: The Return Of Big Brother

5 Wands

Yeah yeah I know I shouldn’t but one of my guilty pleasures is watching the television show Big Brother. I find it fascinating. It’s like observing a science experiment. Seeing how people react when locked up in a cage together. Usually the producers choose the same demographic, i.e. good looking people in their 20s, and the kissing games and conversations about the opposite sex start to get old really quickly. But still, I watch.

Big Brother Australia 2013 started tonight and I was pleasantly surprised by Continue reading

The Tarot Of Game Of Thrones Season Two

I’ve just been on a mad Game Of Thrones bender. Watched all season two in one long blissful night. So I thought I’d have a go at discussing the Tarot of GOT Season Two. I won’t be able to explain everything, the tapestry is too rich, but will try to pinpoint some of the major themes and characters.

7 Wands

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The Tarot Of The Dark Knight Rises!

I finally got around to watching The Dark Knight Rises months after everyone else. Am not a big fan of movie violence so was a bit meh about the action but enjoyed the characters and the plot. Let’s have a look at the Tarot of this movie…


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Ways Of Being Successful According To The Good Book Tarot (Part 1)

You can achieve success in various ways according to the good book Tarot. Here are the ones that stand out for me from the Everyday Tarot part of the deck.

4 Wands

Four of Wands: Success at bagging yourself a partner or getting people to generally wish you well using your social skills.

6 Wands

Six of Wands: Success achieved through natural talents or skills developed over the years. You experience this type of success after being in a job for awhile. It’s when you’ve learnt how to work the ropes to get what you want in the workplace.

6 Pents

Six of Pentacles: Success thanks to another party. Maybe you win Tattslotto or get an inheritance.

7 Swords

Seven of Swords: Success by being a master tactician or sneaky bastard. And if you’re both the world is your chupa chup (my daughter insists I say this, she doesn’t like oysters). A shout out here to our friend Lance (see previous post)!

8 Wands

Eight of Wands: Success at achieving something you’ve been working towards. Such as getting funding for a business idea. It’s the kind of success that comes out of the blue after a hard slog.


9 Pents

Nine of Pentacles: Success achieved all by yourself.

9 Cups

Nine of Cups: Just generally feeling successful.

As a teacher I employ many of these scenarios. I use my experience (6 Wands) and strategy (7 Swords) to maximise learning in the classroom and have benefitted from being well looked after by my bosses (6 Pentacles).

Are you experiencing any of these types of Tarot success right now in your life? You know the drill, please share.