First World Problems

My air conditioner’s broken and it’s 39 degrees outside. Tomorrow it’s going to be 42. Luckily I have a lovely air-conditioner mechanic who’s going to pop by in the morning to give the pipes a squiz. In the meantime I get an instant sweat lodge which’ll give me a thorough New Year’s detox. Oh yay!

Even though the cavalry is on its way, I still feel panicky at the thought of having to sweat my way through the next 24 hours. It’s made me ponder the Tarot of First World Problems… Continue reading

The Tarot of The Women’s March


I attended the Women’s March in Melbourne this afternoon. The first of many being held around the world in support of the Women’s Marches in the U.S. tomorrow. Six thousand of us turned up. Not a shabby turnout for a sunny weekend day during summer.

I’m not a regular¬†political activist. I don’t join marches at the drop of a hat. So I want to explore the Tarot of what I experienced… Continue reading

The Tarot Of Frozen



The movie Frozen has been an absolute phenomenon.

The World

The World: Its been popular all round the world with boys and girls alike.

2 Cups

Two Of Cups: It’s the story of Continue reading

The Tarot Of The Beauty Pageant Winner

I plan a post on the Tarot of The Beauty Pageant Winner and by an amazing coincidence the winner of Miss America is crowned at the same time. I must have been picking up the vibes in the air somehow. More importantly, I finally have a clear enough head to write a post two days in a row, whoo-hoo, now that really is something worth celebrating. Let’s get stuck into it shall we?

5 Wands

Continue reading

Five Of Wands: The Return Of Big Brother

5 Wands

Yeah yeah I know I shouldn’t but one of my guilty pleasures is watching the television show Big Brother. I find it fascinating. It’s like observing a science experiment. Seeing how people react when locked up in a cage together. Usually the producers choose the same demographic, i.e. good looking people in their 20s, and the kissing games and conversations about the opposite sex start to get old really quickly. But still, I watch.

Big Brother Australia 2013 started tonight and I was pleasantly surprised by Continue reading

Five of Wands: Problems To The Front And Problems To The Back Of You

5 Wands

This is the Five of Wands card. As you can see, five people are each holding a wand with which they jostle one another. No one has the upper hand.¬†I’ve always thought that this card referred to competition in the workplace. You know, cause wands represent our skills and talents. And also cause work feels like this don’t you reckon? There’s always office politics. Stuff going down.

But right now I’m experiencing a different shade to this card. Continue reading