The Tarot of an Australian Summer


It’s summer in Australia at the moment. There’s been heatwaves and record-breaking storms and sharks in unprecedented numbers. So I thought it might be fun to explore the Tarot of an Australian summer…

The Sun

The Sun: It’s hot

Australia is a dry continent. That’s why most of us live by the beach. So when it’s hot in summer, we’ve got somewhere to cool down.


The Moon

The Moon: What lies beneath

I live in Melbourne and this year there’s been an unprecedented number of shark sightings. Makes you a bit more reluctant to go in the water.



Death: Literally

The terrible truth is that every year people drown at beaches and in backyard pools. This is despite swimming being a mandatory subject in Australian schools.


9 Cups

Nine of Cups: Satisfaction

People get an enormous amount of pleasure out of the many joys an Australian summer brings.


3 Cups

Three of Cups: Socialising with the ones we love

Life is so busy, sometimes the summer holidays are the only times we get to catch up with friends.

Many do this by…

Knight Wands

Knight of Wands: Travelling

Going away with other families and/or friends. One of the most popular summer past-times in Australia is camping. I’ve filed it under these cards…

The Empress: Enjoying nature

Nine of Wands: A lot of work

I’m off to camp myself with my sister and her family for a couple of days tomorrow.

What card/s would you use to signify camping?

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