The Tarot of Marian Keyes’ The Break

I’ve just finished reading Marian Keyes’ novel ‘The Break’. Most peeps who like to write like to read. And I am no exception. It’s always a bit of fun to investigate the Tarot of everyday life. So let’s dive deep into the Tarot of ‘The Break’. No spoilers, I promise.

The protagonist of this story is Amy, a fortysomething Irish woman who has 3 kids in a blended family with her husband of 17 years. She works full-time in a struggling PR biz.

Queen of Wands: A woman of many talents

Her husband Hugh, who has been suffering depression for awhile, decides to take a 6 month break from their marriage and heads off to South-East Asia for fun times, as you do.

Eight of Cups: Searching for a better life

This naturally leaves Amy heart-broken, particularly as twenty years earlier her first husband walked out on her after they had a baby.

Three of Swords: Emotional pain, often related to earlier trauma

Amy is surrounded and supported by a large family.

Ten of Cups: A loving family

They all have their own issues going on.

Her dad has Alzeihmers. He likes to watch murder shows and yell a lot, often getting people and facts completely wrong.

Six of Cups Reversed: Living in an alternate reality.

Her mum starts to behave in ways she never has before.

The Fool: Being unpredictable

Her eldest sister Maura, who had to raise her four younger siblings due to their mother’s frequent hospitalisations during childhood, is a control freak.

Four of Pentacles Reversed: Unable to let go

Her other sister Derry is a serial monogamist, who has been known to break up with men for pronouncing words incorrectly.

The Fool Reversed: The commitment-phobe.

Amy’s eldest daughter Neeve, from her first marriage, is trying to make her YouTube channel go viral.

Eight of Pentacles: Plugging away

Eight of Wands: Achieving your goals

Amy’s teenage daughter with Hugh, Kiara, wants to make the world a better place.

Page of Cups: The dreamer

Their adopted foster daughter, Sofie, is trying to reconnect with her heartless mother, without much success.

Five of Cups Reversed: Refusal to acknowledge what’s lost

I could go on. But you get the drift. It’s a big beautiful story about the kinds of issues we face in everyday life.

Five of Wands: Everyday struggles

It’s also funny.

The Fool: Having a laugh

Basically, it’s good craic!

Have you read it? What did you think?

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