A nudge is a little push. Animals nudge their young to steer them in the right direction. And now behavioural scientists are suggesting parents use this strategy as well, to steer their young in the right direction.

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Seven Of Pentacles Reversed: What’s The Point In Trying?

I’m having one of those days when I just can’t get my head straight. There’s a million things I could do but none of them seem to be getting me anywhere. So why bother? Which makes me think of this card…

7 Pents R

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Eight Of Pentacles: The Apprentice

8 Pents

The Eight Of Pentacles. A boy hammers away at a task, doing the same thing over and over again. Presumably getting better each time round. This is the apprentice card of the Tarot. The card of carpenters. electricians and plumbers as they learn their trade. The card of writers struggling in their garrets to get that first novel up to scratch (or maybe just on the lounge in front of the heater?) It’s the celebrities on Celebrity Apprentice completing tasks to raise money for charity, hoping they won’t get fired by Donald Trump at the end of the day. Total focus. Working hard. Paying your dues. With the promise that it will all be worth it in the end.

Any other examples you can think of?

Tarot Thoughts On Blogging

So, I’ve been blogging for a while now and thought I’d explore my experience through Tarot cards…

Page Swords

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Eight Of Pentacles: The Unrelenting Work Of Mother/Parenthood

I went around to a friend’s place tonight to cook dinner for her family. Her husband is away for three months and she is alone with two children under four with another on the way. Talk about doing the hard yards.

What I noticed most during out time together was the unrelenting nature of motherhood. The two little ones couldn’t leave her alone for five seconds. The three year old was “Why? Why? Why?” about everything we said and the two year old clung to her mother as if she was a life raft on stormy seas. My friend was desperate for someone to entertain her children for five minutes just so her head could clear. Doing the dishes or hanging out a load of washing while her children were read a story is her idea of nirvana.

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The Tarot Of Processing Stuff

I’ve always thought that the Eight Of Pentacles represented processing stuff but then yesterday I felt very clear that I should use the Knight Of Swords Reversed to indicate my mental processing has slowed down. So today I thought I’d investigate the Tarot of processing stuff starting with this card…

Knight Swords

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