The Tarot of a Music Concert

I was lucky enough to see Ed Sheeran in concert the other night, with the added bonus of one of my favourite Australian musical acts, Missy Higgins, thrown in. I bought the ticket a couple of hours beforehand on impulse. It was a beautiful Melbourne day, the concert had been getting rave reviews, and I have a soft spot for Missy (even more than Ed).

This led me to wonder about the Tarot of a Music Concert.

Let’s explore that, shall we?

It’s always delightful when a favourite artist announces a tour in your home town.

Page of Wands: Feeling excited

Even better when you manage to score tickets to the show.

Ace of Pentacles: Achieving a goal

Usually, we take someone with us to share the fun.

Thee of Cups: Enjoying good times with family or friends

There’s a real element of the carnival to a music concert. Outside this one I watched a Blue Elmo playing the bagpipes and heard an announcer beg buskers not to embarrass themselves by playing Ed’s songs when the real deal was next door, lol.

The Fool: Fun & folly

You can also discover new artists to follow in the support acts. Ed certainly picked his well. They were all amazing musicians. I’d heard of hip hop artists Bliss N Eso but never seen them perform before. They blew me away!

Page of Cups: Feeling moved

And Ed demonstrated what an absolute master he is of his craft.

King of Wands: Incredibly talented

Of course, there’s a thousand things that can be annoying about a concert: The lack of public transport. The crowds. The cost of the food. The noise from the loudspeakers. Peeps blocking your view when dancing. Peeps complaining about your dancing. Copious vomit on the train station platform afterwards.

Four of Pentacles Reversed: Being a grumpy bum.

But the awesome part is that you get to tap into this ultra-rare Tarot experience…

The World: Feeling at one with everyone and everything

Nowhere do you experience this unity more than in the mosh pit. I totes get the attraction of standing up for hours, with cramped legs and a busting bladder, to participate in that experience. It was joyful just to watch from up in the gods.

Where do you sit at a music concert?

1 thought on “The Tarot of a Music Concert

  1. Totally relate having just been to Port Fairy for the folk fest. Locking eyes with complete strangers mid boogie move has a language of its own. It’s nice to be at one with the world…

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