The Tarot Of Christmas Holidays

As some peeps begin to return to work after the long Christmas-New Year break I thought it might be a good time to explore the Tarot of these holidays.

10 Wands

Ten Of Wands: How we feel before the holidays begin. Over-burdened. Exhausted. Especially at Christmas time when present shopping and school concerts and card sending and work functions are added to the usual load.

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The Tarot Of The Walking Dead

I’ve just finished mainlining series two of ‘The Walking Dead’. Seeing as how I can’t get those zombies out of my head I thought we might explore the Tarot of this television show.

6 Cups

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The Chariot + Strength Reversed: Dickheads In Cars!

Well, I got tooted long and hard on the road today by some young jerk in a baseball cap. I was at a junction where cars had the option of veering left or continuing ahead. The car in front of me had its left blinker flashing so I stopped to allow it to turn ahead of me. Maybe the blinker was on by mistake because although the driver slowed down to make the turn he didn’t take it. The young jock behind me gave me a good bollocking on his horn instead. Becauseā€¦that’s what we do in Australia. Not slow down and let people through but honk to tell them to move their $#!! arse.

I file this under The Chariot because it was a situation involving cars (and a young dude) and Strength Reversed for cowardly/impolite behaviour. Bet that bloke wouldn’t have behaved like that if his mum was in the car!

Do drivers behave like this in your country too?

Strength Reversed: Being A Coward

Strength R

It’s one o’clock in the morning here in Australia and I just sprung someone spraying graffiti on the side of my house. A kid in a red jacket. I went out to confront him and he ran away. I didn’t bother giving chase, he could hardly stand up straight, god knows what he’s been inhaling tonight (hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe the fumes???) But seriously, I think that if you’re going to spray graffiti you should at least have the balls to own up to what you’ve done. Maybe he ran because it was rubbish. Another boring tag. Like a dog pissing on a wall. Why can’t I ever get a cool graffiti artist instead?

The Tarot Of Game Of Thrones Season Two

I’ve just been on a mad Game Of Thrones bender. Watched all season two in one long blissful night. So I thought I’d have a go at discussing the Tarot of GOT Season Two. I won’t be able to explain everything, the tapestry is too rich, but will try to pinpoint some of the major themes and characters.

7 Wands

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Strength Reversed: The Accidental Revolutionary

Strength R

Hot off the Associated Press printing machines:

We can all relate to the hero with a secret double life. He is the stuff of legend: Batman, Spiderman, Indiana Jones, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Well here comes another to add to that list.

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